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Reno Pet Sitter

Welcome to Ruff Ruff Ruff meow where I am passionate about pet care! I am here seven days a week to meet all of your pet's needs while you are away. At Ruff Ruff Ruff meow, I do so much more than provide food and water to your pet. I pride myself on going the extra mile to make sure that each pet I care for gets the personalized, love, attention and exercise it needs.

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Reno Pet Sitter

Hi! My name is Linda and I am the owner of Ruff Ruff Ruff meow. I've been a full time professional pet sitter sitter since 2007 caring for dogs, cats, chickens, tortoises, parrots, parakeets, rabbits, hamsters and fish. I've had a passion for animals for as long as I can remember and I am blessed to be be able to spend my days in their company.

Hiring me as your pet sitter allows you to travel with ease knowing your pets are safe and relaxed in the comfort of their own home where they'll receive love, cuddles, kisses, playtime and personalized care from me. My services includes pet siting, dog walking, cleaning the yard or kitty litter box and providing fresh food and fresh water daily. I can give your pet his medication and brush him too. Put the safety of your pet in the hands of a professional pet sitter. Call me, I'd love to hear from you!

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